Police Is Using Sticks?



The police have been confronting demonstrators in Izmir with clubfosr days now. However the identities of the civilians using clubs against the demonstrators stay unclear.

The investigations about the police confronting demonstrators in Izmir with clubs continue. When asked about the footage of civilians using clubs against the demonstrators “They are civil cops, they should have been wearing their vest, and they are going to wear them as of this moment.” said the Chief Police of Izmir, Ali Bilkay. Bilkay did not make any further statements about the clubs being used by the so-called civil cops. Governor Mustafa Toprak, however, made a clearer statement and said “Police forces should not carry clubs”.


Despite the attitude of the governor, many civilians with clubs attacked demonstrators last night once again, many attacks have been recorded by the demonstrators. The governor has made a written statement and called for two supervisors from Ankara to further investigate the incidents “We hereby declare that our governorate has called for supervisors to be sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to further investigate the incidents that have been the subject of many reports in the press and media as well as among the public related with the attacks and battery in the city of Izmir where some civilians used clubs against the demonstrators” said the governor in his statement.

Prof. Mesut Bedir Eryilmaz, Lecturer in the Faculty of Security Units has evaluated the arguments about the “police using clubs” in the city of Izmir:

“As far as I’m concerned, we do not have a police unit using clubs. The materials that the police forces may be using during their service have been determined. Normally the police have to be wearing their official uniforms however they may also serve as civil cops when necessary. But it is not allowed for them to use clubs in any case as such an action is accepted to be the same as throwing stone. Meanly, the police using clubs and the police throwing stones are considered within the same framework.
We have some footage of these people from the attacks. Such material can be used by the Police Department to identify these people. If some people had attacked some demonstrators on the street using clubs and dressed up as policemen, then it is the duty of the police department to find who they are. Such an incident requires legal investigation. It is also subject to administrative prosecution if the police forces had used clubs on duty.”


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